Frequently Asked Questions

This seems expensive, I've been working out to YouTube videos throughout the lockdown for free! I saw another trainer offering online training for much less!

Seamus: I'm glad to hear that you've been active throughout this trying time. This is a year long nutrition and lifestyle course, not an online workout. You can continue to do those workouts to burn calories and it will help you with your journey. As for expensive, yes it's more expensive than a gym membership, it's a lot less expensive than 1-1 personal training which I provide for €320 to €400 per month. The trainers offering cheap personal training will be relying on getting hundreds of clients to make it worth their while, they will not have the qualifications or the software required to deliver and you will simply get lost in the crowd.

I'm not really tech savvy, how is this delivered?

Seamus: You will receive an email almost every day for a year. As long as you can browse the internet and receive emails, you'll be fine. There is a personal "portal" that you log into to see all of your lessons, it will prompt you to complete your lessons. I also have a portal so that I can see everything that you have completed and all feedback you have given.

This seems complicated, and time consuming! I'm not sure I can do it?

Seamus: It does seem like a lot of information to take in all at once. This website is intentionally long so that I could explain as well as possible what is entailed. The reality is that this is the simplest method you will ever encounter. The software is designed to be really easy to use. The whole system is a day to day process, focusing on tiny daily changes which, over time add up to massive changes. Time: You will need to devote on average 10 minutes a day to this course for a year. If you cannot devote 10 minutes to your own health and fitness, then I would advise not doing this course or starting it when you have more time. Having said that, there will ALWAYS be more than one thing competing for your time. Maybe you need to move yourself higher up (or to the top) of your list of priorities. I have 15 years of seeing this issue, predominantly with women, taking care of everyone else and leaving no time for themselves.

I've been doing another popular weight loss program for many years and I'm really comfortable with it. Can I do that while also doing this program?

Seamus: Unfortunately No. If you're going to commit to this program, then any other program will cause conflict, confusion, and will generally adversely affect your results. Why are you doing that other program for years? If it was going to work for you long term, it would have done so by now. Also, you are probably very comfortable with that program, this one will take you out of your comfort zone and will be a breath of fresh air for you!

A year seems like a long time, maybe I could do this for 3 months. Do you have other options? I'd just like to get in great shape for a holiday or event!

Seamus: This program is designed so that you will succeed. It takes time to lose weight, develop lifelong habits and change your mind and body. What you're looking for is a crash diet to drop a few pounds for a single event / holiday. That's not something I provide for in person or online clients as it solves a short term problem. If you drop weight in a hurry, you might get what you want for that week , but next year you'll be in the exact same boat, trying to lose the same weight. My goal for my clients is life-long change.

I've read many diet books, I only eat healthy foods and I know everything about fat loss etc...Also, I only need to lose a stone, why should I sign up for this course?

Seamus: If you need to lose a stone there are two possible explanations. 1. You don't actually know everything you need to know, and/or .... 2. You might know what to do, but not how to do it. In 15 years I've met many clients who know everything about food yet they sit in front of me wanting to lose weight. Also, if you eat too many calories of perfectly healthy food, you will gain weight just like that person eating junk food. If you sign up for this program, you really need to forget everything that you think you know and just commit for one year.

I've been in the gym for years and I don't think I need workouts. ​Can I still do this program?

Seamus: No bother! This program is primarily for nutrition and lifestyle change, the workouts are an add-on for those who don't have gym experience, don't want to go to a gym, don't have time to go to a gym etc..... Option 3 is not for you! When I meet you, we can talk about what exercise you are doing and although I'm not directly giving you workouts, I can advise you on everything you're doing.

I have a condition like hypothyroidism that stops me from losing weight, can this program help me to lose those pounds?

Seamus: That depends. If you have a diagnosed medical condition that makes it impossible for you to lose weight, AND you have previously had a "perfect"diet that didn't work, this program will not help. I recently had a client like this. She did everything perfectly, diet and exercise but simply could not lose a pound. Her doctor changed her medication and her metabolism was basically reset to a "normal" level. Her excellent adherence to diet and exercise meant that the weight came off immediately. The limiting factor for this client was her medication, not her adherence. Have you been on a consistent, excellent diet, eating the correct portion sizes etc? If your diet was a bit "up and down" then there's every chance that this program can help you lose the pounds.