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Training for Women

Do you dread shopping for clothes?

Do you have a whole wardrobe or room full of clothes that don't fit?

Have you thrown out clothes because they might never fit again?

Do you lack confidence when you are feeling heavier?

How do you feel when you are invited to parties or weddings?

How do you feel about walking into a gym for the first time?

Is it getting tougher to lose weight as you get older?

Are you on a diet? Just off a diet? Looking for another diet?

Are you putting yourself last, and everyone else first?

I'm a Precision Nutrition (PN) Level 2 Coach, I use the PN software to deliver a system of coaching which works on tiny changes every day.  These changes lead to better habits.  These habits build skills that lead to results.  

This short video is a good explanation of how this works .. 


Women's program

Women's program

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What to expect..

1.  An intake form which you fill out so that we can establish your goals, strengths, weaknesses etc...   (It's a health and fitness information gathering exercise)

2.  A call or meeting with me, your coach to go through the intake form to establish a starting point and a plan for your coaching journey.

3.  I will send you a comprehensive healthy eating guide specific to you, based on your intake form, your present food and exercise habits, and your goals.

4.  Your first practice will be emailed to you.  Each practice is a broken down "easy to do" part of your big goal. This is the start of our journey together.  I'll be monitoring you through the software, you'll have access to me throughout the process.  Your lessons take about 15 minutes a day and they are easy to do.

As time passes you will develop new habits through completing practices .  These habits will move you gradually toward your goals.  As long as you are consistent, you'll hardly notice the changes happening. You won't be confused, starving, or expected to do crazy amounts of exercise.

If this sounds difficult of complicated, that might be because you have never seen a process like this before.  It's more of a "forward thinking therapy" than a "fitness program"  It's actually the simplest method of developing lifelong habits.

For an in depth description of this course, click here


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