If youre like the rest of the world, you probably had "weight loss" or "fat loss" or "get fit" or "get in shape" close to, or maybe even at the top of your list of new years resolutions.   

So.... hows that working for you?

Do you know the significance of January 15th?   Thats the day that 80% of the world has broken or given up completely on their new years resolution.  

Why is that?

Because of a number of reasons ......

1.  You know what you want but you don't know how to get it.

2.  You lack motivation.

3.  You have no-one to guide you.

4.  You have no time.  Life / job / family... its just too busy.

5.  You can't handle all the changes that need to be made.

6.  You can't break those old habits that got you to this point.

7.  You're so beaten down by Coronavirus, Lockdowns etc...

and so on.......

What was your new years resolution?
What if the next year could be ..........different??

What if.......

You lost the weight you wanted to lose.

You embarked on a new journey where every week you saw improvements?

You started shrinking, everyone wanted to know how this was happening?

Your clothes fitted perfectly, or even better, you bought new smaller sizes?

You no longer worried about going out and how you looked?

You ate great meals in restaurants and never felt guilty?

You stopped counting calories completely?

You didn't know what weight you were? And you didn't care!

You never had to think about losing weight? 

What I'm NOT offering you.

A diet.

Pills, teas, shakes, bars etc....

A "get thin quick" plan.

Unrealistic expectations.

A chance to stand on a scale in public!

What I AM offering you.

Privacy, a 1-1 coaching experience that finishes with you not having to ever think of going on yet another diet.   

A proven effective system of lifestyle change that will end up with you achieving your goals.

An education in eating and training so that you can become the expert of your own diet, habits, lifestyle and exercise.  

The exact same system that a company called Precision Nutrition has used to coach 100,000 fat loss / transformation clients.

The exact same software used by Precision Nutrition delivered to your computer/phone every day for an entire year.  

Access to me, your Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach.  

Your big goals will be broken down into a "1 small step at a time" method, small daily improvements, leading to a massive improvements.  The steps and habits are simple to do, you can let me worry about the complicated stuff!   

Need More?

You can also choose to have the same online coaching PLUS a session with me every month.

I'll get an even better understanding of your situation from these sessions and I can give you advice on exercise and technique.  Although the regular Precision Nutrition software will allow you to enter your own measurements and photos (all optional) , I can also take your body-fat measurements during this session.

Need More than that?

You can also choose to have the Precision Nutrition online coaching

PLUS monthly face to face sessions

PLUS online personal training exercise programs.

You'll be able to print these programs off or access them through your phone, laptop or tablet.  All exercises come with video and instructions.