So.... how does online training work?

Online training

Every day for one year you will be sent an email.  That email will contain a lesson, or habit. (there are 300 lessons!) Each lesson will challenge you to think differently about your current diet and lifestyle, You may have to complete a little task that can usually be done in less than five minutes!  The lesson can be read in less than 10 minutes. Every two weeks you'll get a new habit that will reinforce the lessons.  This habit will be very simple and you'll practice it every day. 


Your emails will look a lot like this when you open.

Each lesson will build on the previous one, and your habits will do likewise.  The entire Precision Nutrition way of learning is based on making one small change at a time. Over the course of a year, you'll make so many easy small changes that after a year on this program, you'll be a totally transformed.  When it comes to food, you'll be educated, confident, calm and capable.  Never again will you try a new fad diet and never again will you be staring at a pile of information, wondering what to do. 


In fact..  searching for information on weight loss is the LAST thing that you should be doing.  The internet, media, bookstores etc.... are full of information.  We've never lived in a time that had more access to information and it has had no effect whatsoever on weight gain, obesity or the general health of the world. 

Is this a diet?

No it's not.  It is a year long coaching process that will teach you how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.  Your food choices will be based on YOUR preferences. There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of diets. 



Most women are trying to lose weight from age 15 until they give up around 70 years old!  

Google "weight loss diet" you'll get 250 MILLION results.

60% of Irish adults are overweight or obese.

46% of Irish schoolchildren have tried to diet to lose weight.

One in 3 women over 50 years old are clinically overweight.

Severe obesity is more dangerous for your health than smoking, drinking and poverty.

The weight loss industry including supplements/pills etc.. is now worth €400 BILLION!.

One Irish bookstore has more than 300 diet books currently for sale!

We've never had so much access to information on diets, and fat loss, and it has had very little impact on weight gain.  The purpose of this system is to lose weight without ever feeling that you are on a strict diet.

The "off-line" part?

The off-line part is what you think of as traditional personal training. Once a month, you can receive an in-person personal training session. This will reinforce your online training.  It's where you can meet me face to face, your progress will be measured, I will advise you on exercise and I will get a better feel for where you are and what's best for you. My hourly personal training rate is €50 but you will receive this session for €40 or less depending on which online option you select. 

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